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China Live: Food, Decor, and Assimilating Into Westernized Culture

China Live is an upscale market, dining hall, bar, bar and boba shop set in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown. However, it’s more than just that— it’s an ambitious venture to bring Chinese culture and food to the masses.

Living Digital Space and Future Parks by teamLAB: Where Art & Technology Meet

I’ll admit, modern art through traditional media often goes over my head. Whether it’s a giant canvas of monochromatic color or an abstract sculpture made with pieces of the artist’s hair, I’ve always found art hard to understand. However, I find that modern digital art resonates with me much more. While many traditional and modern artists may denounce digital art as not true art, I find the intersection of art and technology truly fascinating. I believe there is room for both. While there is definitely no replacement for traditional media, like painting and sculpture, I also see a whole new realm of possibility when it comes to digital art.