Ah… Portland. Known for hipsters, artisan crafters and makers, and of course, scrumptious food. And while it has all of this, it is also a beautiful, cozy town that is chock-full of vibrant trees and nature. What I enjoyed most (besides the food) was the slower pace of life that Portland has, while still  managing to be a hip and happening spot with trendy bars and a great music scene.  I was extremely fortunate to have come an opportune time– the leaves were falling and there was a crisp, Autumn bite in the air with no rain in sight! I’m not sure what it was. Maybe it was all the exposed brick, old-school lighting, but something about the city streets really, really resonated with me.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-9

But let’s get to the good stuff. When I travel, it’s allllll about the food. Literally. Especially when I travel with K, my eating partner in crime. When we went to Europe as a graduation journey, we plotted every day’s itinerary around where we were going to eat– whether it be pizza bianca at the Campo de’ Fiori or milk tea at a street stall in Hong Kong. Portland was no different, and it started with donuts.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-1

When I last come to Portland for less than 24 hours, we tried to hit up the renowned Voodoo Donuts. When we got there, the line was (of course) wrapped around the block and with limited time, we decided to skip it. After spotting this Portland Eating Guide, I knew, down to the very depths of my food loving soul, that I had to go to Blue Star Donuts. (PS, how fitting is it that my friend’s BLUE shirt has stars all over it?!)

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-3

Of course when I got there, I spent a good 5-10 minutes debating back and forth, trying to figure out which flavors we had to try. As much as I wanted to say, “Let’s get it all!”, their chalkboard sign was a glaring reminder that maybe I should just try a few.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-2

BUT WHICH?!!! Finally, we settled on 4 flavors. Real maple and bacon, lemon poppy, coconut cream filled and original glazed, ’cause you gotta try the original.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-4

Omg. Like seriously, look at that glaze. The real bacon and maple had a rich, almost buttery flavor from the bacon that was complemented by a light sweetness. The original glazed was light, fluffy and sweet but not saccharine. Lemon poppyseed was delightfully tart, and I loved the creamy coconut filling in the coconut cream donut. I have to say, the coconut cream was probably my favorite besides the bacon donut.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-7

They were getting real serious with their donuts. Not sure which donut this was for, but I think I heard someone say creme brulee!! Sadly, it was not there when I was ordering.

A Visit to Blue Star Donuts | Cultural Chromatics-6

Blue Star Donuts
1237 SW Washington St. 
Portland, OR 97205


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