Okay, guys… I was determined to stray away from writing another music post displaying my clear bias towards female vocals this week.  But, alas, I could not resist sharing the news about Lorde‘s record release. Back in June, we had featured her song “Royals” as a Tuesday Tune.  Now, her first full-length album Pure Heroine is out as of Monday, Sept 30th.  Not to set any particular expectations, but it is sooooo goooood!!  I like it so much that I can’t even seem to narrow down two songs to recommend.  Lorde’s unique style and sound continues through this album from her EP release earlier this year.  She definitely did not lose her touch.  For the most part, Lorde has steered clear of publicity and media.  You can catch one of her rare  interviews here.  It is certainly inspiring to see this New Zealand star rise to success at the prime age of 16!  Man, what are we doing with our lives…  Ha.  In the meantime, listen to her album!



*Featured image by Charles Howells (from Black Magazine)

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