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In college, I spent years buying fast fashion and blowing money on the hottest trends. I purchased lots of cheap clothing, wore it just a few times, and then eventually donated it. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s a “growing older” thing, but I began to invest in slightly more expensive clothing and buying less. And when I say invest, I don’t mean spending hundreds of dollars. Just a little more than $20 for a top that’s meant to last for seasons, if not years. I found myself looking at what I actually wear every day, and finding that most of my most-loved clothing came from the same few stores.

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However, with my recent trip and the need to save for a wedding (!!), I’ve been trying to reduce my spending. And it’s hard. But then, I heard about GRANA. Similar to everlane, GRANA offers wardrobe staples made with premium fabrics at affordable prices. Considering my wardrobe consists of black, white, and grey, I thought that affordable, luxurious basics sounds right up my alley. To be honest, I was a little reluctant at first. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I just haven’t jumped on that everlane bandwagon yet. However, I went to check out the store, just to see what they’re all about.

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Located in the Marina district of San Francisco, the pop-up is hosted in a cute little shop on the corner of Union and Webster. I was immediately taken with the design of the space. Bright, airy wood and decor provided a nice, blank canvas for the colors of the clothes to really shine. Lots of cute little details, including quirky animal coat hooks in the dressing room!

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Based in Hong Kong, GRANA sources fabrics from all over the world— cotton from Peru, chambray from Japan, cashmere from Mongolia… The list continues. As someone who values textures, I definitely felt up all the different fabrics. My favorites were by far the cashmere and the chambray shirts.

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One really standout quality of GRANA is their shipping policy. They ship worldwide and in two business days. TWO BUSINESS DAYS. I can attest to this. I ended up picking a top, ordered it on Wednesday and had it in my hands by Friday. Pretty impressive.


But… More about the top. I went with the oversized, long sleeve top in white and blue stripes. I love how it gives nod to classic French-girl style, but with a boyfriend-inspired twist. In fact, I loved it so much and got two. I probably shouldn’t admit this in on the interwebs but I ended up wearing them three days in a row during the Christmas weekend. It matches everything!


Really loving the packaging. It’s all about the details. Cute little santa hat in the logo, bow packaging for the holidays, and a nice little handwritten note.


Here I am wearing my new favorite outfit— GRANA striped shirt, slouchy sweater and jeans, and trying to look cool but failing miserably. I did it for you guys though, so you could see what the shirt looks like. It’s all for you. 😉


If you’re down to get some sweet new basics at wallet-friendly prices, check out GRANA! I think next, I will pick up their silk tank dress or a chambray shirt.

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