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Welcome to Cultural Chromatics — a  lifestyle blog that was borne out of a desire to collaborate, inspire and challenge each other to create beautiful work. We hope to bring people, places, events, and experiences together as we share a spectrum of culture across two of the most colorful metropolitan cities in America and the world. Come with us as we explore all the good things life has to offer.


Located in San Francisco, Nanette is obsessed with cheese, and crusty bread. She loves all things photography, and is especially inspired by her muse, BUTTAH. In her spare time, she contributes to several other blogs (Design Milk, Brit + Co, and Houzz), and works in social media during the day. She never goes anywhere without her beloved camera and is forever searching for hidden treasures to share around the world.

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My Linh has roots in LA, but branched out to the Bay Area for seven years before following her heART to Brooklyn. She enjoys cute knick knacks and other nonsense, like Canadian bands, croissants and pretending to be an aspiring artist.  She’s a creative explorer – finding inspiration and diving head first into all sorts of hobbies, from guitar lessons to hand lettering and upcycling furniture to travel photography. For more information on her creative work, you can visit her site here.

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Sarah is the latest addition to the Cultural Chromatics team, a long time enthusiast for food, travel, and photography, she is a natural fit. As a visual storyteller with a love for adventure and capturing the special moments through a lens, she enjoys exploring different angles to tell a story. You can see some of her work on her YouTube channel and blog. Sarah is currently based in San Francisco and works in business operations for a digital distribution platform. She aims to stay creative and continues to push her boundaries in photography and videography by dedicating her free time to cultivate passion projects.


Say hello at culturalchromatics[at]gmail.com!