This past season, we had the pleasure of joining a collaborative event by Ports 1961, which offered its fine venue to showcase a pop up gallery for the beautiful works by artist Isabella Huffington.

Ports 1961 x Isabella Huffington


Ports 1961 established their designer brand in Toronto in 1961 and has since continued to produce luxury ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for both men and women. We definitely saw the attention to detail in many of their articles including the textured collar of the blazer, felt tie, and ombre patterned pumps below.


Ports 1961


Isabella Huffington is currently an art student at Yale University, taking inspiration from Yayoi Kusama and Keith Haring. Like her models, she has produced pop art of intense vibrancy and repetitive motifs. The amazing thing is that she creates all these works with just sharpies and stencils. As you can already see in the repetitive nature of her pieces, she has also expressed her desire to turn these amazing works into textile in the future.


Isabella Huffington


Needless to say, Isabella ended up selling nearly all her works successfully by seven p.m. with her proud mother Arianna Huffington present. Fittingly, you can read more about the event on The Huffington Post.


Isabella Huffington


Throughout the night, Isabella Huffington made her rounds to try to speak to all her guests. When we finally got the chance to speak to her, she was a total sweetheart and carried a sense of grace with her.


Isabella Huffington


All in all, we had a great time and appreciated all the beautiful works showcased in this event. We encourage everyone to check out more of their stuff online! Isabella Huffington is definitely an artist to watch for especially when she completes her studies. Thanks for the invite, Ports 1961!


My Linh and Kevin at Ports 1961 x Isabella Huffington


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