Food // #F52Snacktime with Food52, Studio Patro & Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Have you ever checked out Food52? It’s a place where anyone and everyone can geek out over food— whether it be trading recipes, asking questions, or shopping curated foodstuffs and kitchen goods. I started following the site a long time ago (you know, back when Google Drive was still a thing), and it’s a great place for anyone as food-obsessed as me. What I particularly like about Food52 is that it’s more than just recipes and food porn. They have a Hotline for cooking questions, like when you’re wondering how exactly to spatchcock a chicken, and user-submitted recipes so you can cook with someone halfway around the world. Suffice to say, I was really excited when I learned about Food52 was hosting a snack time and instameet here in San Francisco.

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-4

#F52Snacktime was a great way to meet other Food52 community members, learn about artisan linen maker Studio Patro, as well as sample some truly gorgeous food from Union Larder and quench our thirst with Pure Leaf iced tea.

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-8

Immediately upon walking in, I was totally hooked. I mean seriously. I love natural light, modern kitchen accessories, and pretty food so I was in heaven. Studio Patro is a light and airy little space nestled in North Beach that’s filled with their fresh and modern kitchen towels, aprons, market bags and more. My favorite is their colander print towel, and I love the way Devour looks framed.

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-5

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-9


And of course, since it was an instameet, the place was pretty Instagram worthy. The main room of the studio was divided into a few different areas, each replete with adorable props and food. The food photographer in me was ecstatic. Here was a place I can whip out my camera and snap to my heart’s content without any staring eyes! Hurrah!

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-12

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-6

And of course, here I am rambling on and still no picture of the food yet! Well don’t fret, it is the worth the wait. The catering from Union Larder was absolutely gorgeous. You can tell they take some serious pride in their work. I especially loved the blue cheese plate– the contrast of the nubby blackberries against the creamy marbled cheese and moody figs. The rich proscuitto was nestled in a bed of citrus, bright cherry tomatoes and dried apricots. I can probably write a whole sonnet about how crunchy and buttery Sweet Dragon brittle was.

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-1

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-2

I also walked away with a stash of Pure Leaf iced tea. Not too shabby I’d say.

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-13

Food51-Patro-Snacktime | Cultural Chromatics-14

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