Threee Tartine Bakery Favorites

If you live in San Francisco and you haven’t visited Tartine Bakery, then you better get your butt in gear. But since you’ve waited this long then you might as well wait ’till you’ve finished reading this post because I’m about to drop some Tartine wisdom on  you. While everything there is positively scrumptious, there are some that are literally amazing and mind blowing. It’s a great go to place for any out- of-towners visiting, or when you need to drown your sorrows in carbs and butter.


Located on 18th St. and Guerrero, I would highly recommend public transportation if you’re coming here on a weekend. Since it’s in the heart of Dolores Park, the hip and happenin’ spot to be during the weekend, it’s a pain to find parking. Oftentimes there’s a line out the door, especially during a beautiful Saturday.


If you’re planning a party, or really just want some bread, I would suggest ordering their country loaf. Literally, that loaf, piping hot from the oven, is like bread heaven. Chewy, moist, flavorful…. it’s just amaze. The tough part is that you have to order this bread 3 days in advance, or be in line at 4:58 and buy the limited extras when they go on sale at 5pm. Get there around 5:30pm and they’re probably gone.


Besides the bread, here are the 3 must-haves (2 of them pictured above):

  • Banana Cream Tart: It’ll make you go bananas. Creamy, chocolate-y, caramel-y. What more can you ask for?
  • Ham and Cheese Croissant: Everything you could hope for in a croissant. Buttery, flaky, and has cheese!
  • Panini with Soprasetta: My favorite sandwich of life. The broccoli rabe pesto pairs wonderfully with the spicy soprasetta.    And even if you don’t normally eat pickled foods, I would recommend that you eat the pickled carrots that come with it anyway because it’s somehow the perfect accompaniment for the sandwich!

Now, grab your clipper card and head to Tartine!

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