Sunday Brunch at Cassava

I recently had the pleasure of having a mini-meetup with a few other design, food, and lifestyle bloggers over brunch. I mean, it really doesn’t get better than having brunch with people will totally get it when you obsessively take photos of everything, especially the food. Rather than stare while I rearrange the cutlery, plates, and food in a hurry, they do the same. We are joined in our obsessive documenting of life.

sunday at cassava and marla bakery-1

We met on a foggy Sunday morning in Outer Richmond to brunch at Cassava, a relatively new Japanese fusion restaurant. What I really enjoy about Cassava is the design of the restaurant. Much like design in Japan, the restaurant has a very meticulous touch, and you can see that every detail, down to the bathroom signs, has been thought about. They had the most unique wallpaper, and it took a few glances for me to finally realize that it was a repeating pattern of illustrated parking meters and fire hydrants. I’m sad I wasn’t able to capture any snaps of it, but it means I’m just going to have to go back.

sunday at cassava and marla bakery-2

Unfortunately, the food took quite awhile to come out, but it came out beautifully presented. The flavors were strong but not overpowering, and nothing was overly salted, which I find occurs often when I eat Asian cuisine. The meatballs + curry (picture above) was not as strong a curry as it looks– it was relatively moderate, which is probably better for the first meal in the morning.

sunday at cassava and marla bakery-3

The Mr. and Mrs. Croque sandwich looked fantastic, and general consensus was that it tasted that way too.

sunday at cassava and marla bakery-4

Out of all the dishes on the brunch menu, the Maple Liege Waffle looked the most unique. It was a waffle with sugar, house-made maple ricotta, scrambled egg, bacon, and topped off with fruit. Talk about mixing sweet and savory!

Another great part about Cassava is that they take reservations. And for brunch in San Francisco, that is a blessing indeed.

3519 Balboa St. (between 36th and 37th)
San Francisco, CA 94121

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