Holiday Entertaining With Kuvée, A Smart Wine Bottle

Let me preface this by saying I’m no wine connoisseur. I’m just a lady who likes a good bottle of wine, especially pinot noirs. I do have a membership to a wine club, but when someone’s talking about the woodsy nose and cherry undertones, let’s be real— I only half know what they’re talking about. I’m also the only wine drinker in my household, which makes it nigh on impossible for me to have a nice glass of wine on the weeknights. I can’t shouldn’t be drinking a whole bottle by myself, and I might not be able to get to it again for another few days, which means the wine may no longer be in its prime. Enter the Kuvée, a smart wine bottle. Long story short, it enables me to well drink more often by myself. lol! Just kidding. Not only does it let me sample multiple wines at once, it also helps me become a smarter and savvier wine drinker. How you ask? Well, let’s take a look.


Kuvée consists of the proprietary wine system (left) and a huge array of wine in special airtight Kuvée wine bottles. The system sort of acts like a wine bottle cover. When you’re ready to drink a bottle of wine, you twist off the cap of the wine, then pop it into the Kuvée system. Then, the technology really kicks in. It connects to your WiFi and proceeds to give you info about the wine and its makers.


You can also order directly from the bottle, and rate the wines you’re drinking. As you keep rating, the smarter the recommendations will be. It will keep wine fresh for up to 30 days. Moreover, you even get a text reminder to charge Kuvée when you’re not using it! Basically, it’s Netflix for wine.


One of the things I love most is that you can pop open multiple bottles at once, and not feel obliged to finish it all! This is particularly helpful when I have friends over, and they all have different wine palettes. Some like whites, some like reds, some like cabs but don’t like merlots… You know the drill. Guests can be fussy!


You can see in the picture above that Kuvée gives a little blurb about where your wine comes from. Already feeling closer to a wine pro after one bottle.


I paired it with a hearty pork steak with chimichurri, a crusty rusty baguette and of course, brussels sprouts. A simple yet hearty dinner, and perfect for this cold weather we’re having!


And how convenient… It just happens to be the holiday season. The Kuvée would be a great gift for the chef in your life! For those who love tech and kitchen gadgets, this is the gift that keeps on giving. They also have a huge library of wine partners— including Francis Ford Coppola, Kith & Kin, and Atlas Wine Co.! Intrigued? Check out Kuvée and all it has to offer here.

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