Taiwan Travel Tips

Before going to Taiwan, we were lucky in that we knew a LOT of people who have been before and were able to adequately prepare us for our trip. Here, we’re sharing a few essential tips that anyone should know before they head off to this adventurous island.

Purchase SIM cards at the airport, 7-Elevens, or a telecom store (~$15 USD)

Make sure you have an unlocked phone (I think most are these days), and get a SIM card at the airport so you’re ready to go. The amazing part about Asian countries is that SIM cards are SO cheap— for about $15 USD you can get 5G of data!

Prepare for the weather

Taiwan is humid. Very humid. It’s also known for its tropical thunderstorms. When packing for Taiwan, make sure you pack loose, airy cotton to stay cool in the heat. Also, it may start raining out of the blue, so be ready to snatch up an umbrella at a moment’s notice. Also, humidity means mosquitos, so if you’re like me, bring bug spray and anti-itch cream!

Exchange and prepare cash in advance

Like many other Asian countries, cash is king. Unlike the states, credit cards are used very rarely, and most transactions are conducted in cash. If you don’t have a Charles Schwab debit card, I’d suggest bringing a good amount of cash to exchange, or getting a Charles Schwab account so you can withdraw cash from any ATMs without fees.

Uber is affordable and convenient

Ah Uber, what would we do without you? I took cabs a lot because they are extremely cheap, but if you don’t speak mandarin, Uber is a familiar and convenient alternative. Also, the subway is super easy to use and quick, so definitely give that a try to absorb the local flavor.

Bring comfortable walking shoes

The best way to explore Taiwan is to walk. Walk through the bustling cities of Taipei, or head to the stunning countrysides to see the ocean. Either way, be prepared to walk your feet off.

Did we forget any? Don’t forget to check out our favorite cities in Taiwan to explore!  


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