Home Cafe: Thick Toast Heaven

I don’t know what it is about toast that gets me so excited, but if there’s anywhere with thick crispy toast topped with extravagant add-ons, sign me up. I think it stems back to spending time in Asia during my youth, where thick toast with condensed milk was an everyday snack (way before it became a ‘thing’ in America). So when I saw a friend post a picture of Home Cafe, I immediately made my way there a few days later.

HomeCafe | ©CulturalChromatics-1

Of course, how can you not love a place called Home, where the decor is warm and cozy, marshmallows are HUGE and string lights are hanging everywhere. We braved the pouring rain to head over there, and it was the perfect place for an escape. From milk tea with boba to all sorts of indulgent toast, Home is perfect for an afternoon snack with friends. We also saw a lot of students hanging out and studying. I fear it would be too tempting for me to stay there for too long…

HomeCafe | ©CulturalChromatics-4

We sampled three toasts, one of which was the tomato and truffle oil pesto (picture above). Of course, we put a fried egg on it. This was one of my favorites.

HomeCafe | ©CulturalChromatics-12 HomeCafe | ©CulturalChromatics-8

Of course we also had to try the special, which was bacon and corn. Also another favorite. Who am I kidding— I thoroughly enjoyed all of them!! The chicken meatball with garlic was more substantial, and I only wish I could’ve taken some of that chicken meatball home with me.

HomeCafe | ©CulturalChromatics-11

Where is your favorite place for thick toast? More info on Home Cafe here

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