Happy Pi Day! // ft. Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

What better way to celebrate than to talk about the infamous “crack pie” by Momofuku Milk Bar. I finally got the chance to try this out for the first time after hearing about it countlessly. It’s worth noting that I am personally not a fan of pie. However, this pie had a completely different taste and texture than your typical pie. The center/filling was like a dense cookie dough. The flavors were similar to baklava, but with less of a nutty taste. Overall, amazing dessert! Even though it’s pi day, those birthday cake truffles are definitely worth trying out as well.

Luckily, Momofuku Milk Bar is on board with Pi Day and you can actually order this pie for delivery for FREE today! More information on this below!

Momofuku Milk Bar - Cultural Chromatics

In honor of Pi Day, Postmates & Momofuku Milk Bar have teamed up to bring you FREE slices of the Milk Bar’s famous Crack Pie! Order a slice to sweeten your afternoon, or send one to a friend. It’s Crack Pie on-demand, what could be better than that?

How to snag a slice this afternoon:
1. Find the Crack Pie On-Demand store in the Postmates app at 1PM
Select your FREE slice (1 per customer)
3. Place an order and get it in less than an hour!

The awesome Momofuku Milk Bar bakers have prepared a limited number of Crack Pie packs, just for Postmates customers. They will sell out quickly. Give ’em / get ’em while they last.

*You pay for the delivery, they pay for the pie

Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie - Cultural Chromatics


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