6 Deliciously Sweet (and Boozy) Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you celebrate by downing Guinness or eating corned beef, St. Patrick’s Day is definitely a day to let loose and have fun. While it’s somewhat unfortunate that it falls on a Monday (guess you better only have a few Irish Car Bombs), here are 6 of my favorite festive treats for St. Patty’s Day!


1. S’mores butter: This is pretty much a campfire snack in a spread. How can you resist? Especially when it has Guinness!


2. Lucky Russians: I have to admit, I really outdid myself on this one. It’s a White Russian, but made with cereal cream. YES. And it’s SO EASY.


3. Stout Brownies: Guinness, chocolate, and more chocolate. Need I say more?


4. Lucky Krispies: A slightly healthier, but same delicious rice krispie treat. And it’s so festive!


5. Bailey’s Bon Bons: While they are a little Christmassy, it’s chock full of Irish cream and they’re bite sized. Can’t go wrong with that.


6. Irish Soda Bread Knots: My ultimate favorite. If you’ve never tried Irish Soda bread, you need to get to it! These are the perfect easy breakfast for celebrating St. Patty’s Day on the go!

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