Well, when you get donuts, of course you HAVE to get coffee. When I was at Blue Star Donuts, devouring my body weight in donuts, a sudden realization stopped me in my tracks.

Something was missing.

A Visit to heart Coffee | Cultural Chromatics-1

Coffee. A piping hot, bold earthy coffee to help cut through and taper the sweetness of the donuts. I stopped immediately, packed up all our donuts, and proclaimed that we must leave in search for coffee. The donuts would understand.

A Visit to heart Coffee | Cultural Chromatics-2

Fortunately for me, and all my friends who just wanted to eat donuts, there was a coffee shop just around the corner. And it wasn’t just any ordinary coffee shop either. I was immediately drawn to heart coffee’s matte black exterior, tall ceilings, and rustic decor. Check yelp, and oh! Nothing but rave reviews. #Winning.

A Visit to heart Coffee | Cultural Chromatics-5

And so, we got our coffee and our donuts and we had each other and it was the perfect morning.

A Visit to heart Coffee | Cultural Chromatics-4

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