The nice part about living in a city that’s obsessed about food is that there’s all sorts of innovative small food-oriented pop-ups and small artisan shops. One of which is I Forgot It’s Wednesday, a supper and brunch club that originated in NY and traveled across the US to our beloved San Francisco.

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I first met the Chief Bellyfiller (Jenny) and Chief Imbiber (Matt) through my brother, as they were looking for photographers for their engagement photos. It was rather serendipitous — they need photographers, and we are photographers, and we’re all food lovers. And so, on a sunny Sunday, we headed over to their home to partake in Ampersand, the Brunch.

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In the heart of Hayes Valley, it was so nice to be welcomed into their impeccably clean home. It’s a small cozy gathering, and it’s a great way to meet new people with a shared interest– dining. From Seattle transplants to Texans, the group was diverse and easy to talk to. And you know it’s going to be a great brunch when there’s a mimosa bar as well as a bloody mary bar.

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Upon entering, we were greeting with a beautiful amuse bouche. Aren’t they darling?

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Then, the eating began…

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We started off with dish 1 – a goat milk panna cotta with heirloom tomatoes & basil, homemade flatbread with salami, fig jam, aged balsamic, olive oil powder. Beautiful, and delicious to boot.

Then, it got reeeeeeal fancy.

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Dish 2 was a 63 degree sous vide duck egg in “bird’s nest” shoestring fries, chicory di Castelfranco, baby chard, miso soil, duck confit, caramelized celeriac, béarnaise cream. Are you an adventurous eater? Then you can top it off with some fried crickets. Literally. I’ll just let that sink in.

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Then, the predessert dessert – a mini pumpkin pie shot with BOURBON. yup.

I Forgot It's Wednesday | Cultural Chromatics-12

Last, but not least, cardamom & smoked tea scented tres leches cake with dehydrated brown butter.

Altogether, a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I mean, you can’t go wrong with scrumptious food, booze, and great company. Interested? Sign up for a spot here.

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