If you follow us on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I had spent New Year’s Eve in snowy South Lake Tahoe. I literally had this fantasy of staying in a warm, toasty cabin surround by soft, falling snow and having a blast essentially. And I am happy to say that is pretty much what happened.

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-3

The one thing I’ll say though is that fresh snow does have its downfalls. It was seriously frigid, and I didn’t realize how cold cold really is (typical bay area girl) until I’m standing in 7 degree F weather and unable to feel my toes. When you can’t feel your toes, like REALLY can’t feel them, frostbite begins to seem like very likely. Oh, and driving up a hill on slippery ice is something I didn’t quite foresee being a huge, scary deal but it was. Fortunately, we dealt with it.

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-4

Besides the small blips, it was a magical trip. South Lake Tahoe is rather quaint, with a very winter cabin look everywhere. We rented a cabin via VRBO that was nestled amongst tall, looming trees. There are plenty of large grocery stores, coffee shops, and of course, a few casinos in the area as well. Love to snow? Heavenly is just a few minutes away.

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-5

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-6

We also got caught in a mini snow storm. That was pretty cool.

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-7

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-8

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-9

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-10

Towards the end of the trip the sun came out and it was seriously glorious. The way the rays peaked through the trees, just beautiful.

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-11

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-12

South Lake Tahoe | Cultural Chromatics-13

I can’t wait to go back.


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