One of my goals this year is to be more active. The hard part about doing all the freelance work that I do is that I’m often sitting or standing… and eating delicious foods. However, I know that as I get older, I need to leave a more active lifestyle to stay healthy. Luckily I have a lot of active friends and family, and also my little munchkin BUTTAHBALL to keep me in place. My first step towards this resolution was going on a hike on Sunday, rather than stay inside and do more computer work.

Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-7

What I love about San Francisco is that dispersed throughout the city, there’s beautiful pockets of nature that seriously unreal. You’ll be heading up a windy road, and then voila! A huge, Middle Earth- like forest right in the heart of San Francisco, named Mt. Davidson. With the tall wooded trees and lush greenery, it’s quite a beautiful escape when you need it.

Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-10 Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-9 Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-6Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-1 Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-3

Hey, it’s me!

Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-4

Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-2 Mt. Davidson | Cultural Chromatics-8

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