Travel // The Cliffs Resort at Pismo Beach

A few weeks ago I headed down to Pismo Beach for the first time to attend a beautiful, DIY-packed wedding at the Cliffs Resort. I had only seen pictures of Pismo Beach, and was super excited to visit it in the flesh. A few days before, I couldn’t stop dreaming of cheesy romantic beachside walks, beautiful sunsets, and fresh seafood. I was able to successfully check off two out of the three on the list ;).

cliffsresort | cultural chromatics-4

We stayed at the Spyglass Inn, which was a pretty cozy place and only a two minute walk from the resort. If you’re looking for more affordable places to stay, I’d recommend the Spyglass Inn. The inn is essentially connected to two resorts, so you can pretty much enjoy the oceanside benefits of all three places.

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The path going from Cliffs Resort, to the Dolphin Bay Resort, then Spyglass.

cliffsresort | cultural chromatics-7

Stay tuned for Pismo Beach food recap!

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