EATS // California Donuts in Los Angeles

California Donuts is the holy mecca of delicious, cute, melt-in-your-mouth donuts. With over 364K followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder that this donut shop is the place to be in Los Angeles. Located near Koreatown, this family-run business is open 24-7, busy baking up piping hot donuts for the endless crowds to flock to them. They also create some pretty awesome custom donuts, which I definitely need to find an occasion for.

CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-4

I headed there on a Saturday evening, around 7pm, and the line was thankfully pretty short. It has a retro-style exterior, no frills, which I appreciate. However, as you check out their display section, you’ll find that their casual exterior belies their truly creative, scrumptious donuts. What can run for up to $5 or $6 at other bougie donut shops will only cost about $2 or $3 here. What a steal!

CADonuts exterior | Cultural Chromatics CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-2 CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-3

I was fortunate to be able to try a fresh donut out of the fryer. It was a come to Jesus moment. I thought I liked donuts, but having a simple, glazed donut right after being glazed is a truly life-changing. I can still remember how it melted in my mouth, lightly sweetened to perfection. Haven’t had any sweet like it since… I would also definitely suggest trying a cronut or their matcha green tea donut!

CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-2 CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-5 CADonuts | Cultural Chromatics-6

Where are your favorite donut shops, I’d love to check ’em out!


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