I recently surprised A with a trip to Half Moon Bay for his birthday. Why Half Moon Bay (HMB) you ask? Mainly, because there’s a dairy farm, chock-full of adorable goats and llamas that you can pet and gush over. More to come on that! Before we arrived at the dairy farm, we made a stop at a dusty ranch in the fields of Pescadero to pick up some pie. What’s interesting is that in Pescadero, there’s pretty much no service (data or cellular) and definitely no wi-fi. It seems like you’re taking a step back in time where the farmhands recognize patrons, no one’s in a rush, you definitely need a map, and the bathroom is pretty much a porta-potty but in a cute little barn/shed concoction. Then when you pay, the person behind the counter whips out a Square credit card reader on her iPad and you sign with your reader and bam, your receipt’s in your email! Technology!


Pie Ranch not only sells pie, they also sell eggs, fresh fruit, and Pie Ranch gear. What I like about them is they’re not just a ranch, but they are their own strong community aiming to cultivate a healthy and just food system through food education and farmer training. I’m all about it.

Pie Ranch-5

Seriously, I love the year-round Christmas lights. They really make the shop.



Pie Ranch-6

In one corner, they had some vintage furniture pieces and a little children’s corner. Not sure exactly what that machine on the left is, but I suspect it’s some sort of mill.


I purchased a basket of strawberries, and REALLY regretted not getting more. Sometimes I get strawberries at the farmer’s market and expect them to be super sweet and juicy because they’re so fresh, and it ends up being that half the time, and half the time it just tastes like I purchased it at the grocery store in SF. These strawberries lived up to the ranch hype.

Pie Ranch-9

Behind the shop was the main building of the farms.

Pie Ranch-10

Allergies galore.

Pie Ranch-11Pie Ranch-13

You may have noticed by now there is no picture of a pie. That is because I ate it :P. I would highly recommend making a pit stop here, picking up some berries + pie, then hitting up Pescadero State Beach. The perfect combination for a day trip!

Pie Ranch
2080 Cabrillo Highway
Pescadero, CA 94060

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