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“It’s my favorite part of San Francisco.”

When I first heard that from Jenny’s, I knew I had to sign up. You’ve probably heard of CSAs where you get a fresh batch of vegetables and fruit every week, but have you heard of a seafood CSA? Seaforager is a family-run business headed up by Kirk Lombard, a writer, teacher, musician… and enthusiastic marine fisherman. Deeply passionate about California’s marine resources, he provides fresh caught fish weekly as well as hosts fishing expeditions and ‘scallywag’ tours.

Seaforager-prep | Cultural Chromatics

I signed up for a biweekly Neptune’s Delight for 2, which may include shellfish (mollusks or crustaceans), small whole fish, fillets, or a combination of these for $24. And it’s totally worth it. While it’s supposed to serve two, I would say that the amount is ample enough to serve three people. The price per lb is also comparable to supermarkets, while being exponentially fresher and tastier. It’s so fresh that I was able to even able to eat the tuna raw as sashimi one week. Mind blown!

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You can tell the fish is super fresh by its glistening scales and its meat is opaque and shiny. The color is vibrant and there’s a sheen to the skin. I love the iridescent color of this black cod.

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Usually the fish is deboned and descaled, but sometimes you might want to descale it a bit yourself.

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Since the fish is so fresh, you can stick to simple recipes. We happened to get a little fancier this time with butter, anchovies, lemon, capers and garlic since we had more time. However, we typically just salt and pepper the fish and drizzle lemon juice. By keeping the flavors fresh and simple you can let the fish really shine.

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Seaforager | Cultural Chromatics-2

Seaforager | Cultural Chromatics-6 Seaforager | Cultural Chromatics-7

We brushed the fish with the anchovy butter and then broiled it in the oven for a short period of time– about 7-10 minutes. Fish cooks pretty quickly so I would definitely recommend keeping a close eye on it.

Seaforager | Cultural Chromatics-8

Yum. I definitely look forward to it every other week! With my schedule these days I haven’t been cooking as much, so it’s nice to have the CSA come to ensure that I still keep my chef’s knife sharpened. 🙂

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Seaforager | Cultural Chromatics-12

If you’re interested, sign up for the CSA here and tell ’em Nanette sent ya!


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