Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cakes Designed by nendo

This is the perfect example of when my two of my favorite things combine into one beautiful project. In this case, it’s food and design. Moreover, it’s one of my FAVORITE foods and one of my FAVORITE design brands, nendo (I’ll stop capitalizing favorite now).


As we know, it’s never too soon for the holidays and nendo totally agrees. In preparation for Christmas, nendo designed a one-of-a-kind ice cream cake to be sold at the Häagen-Dazs shop on the Champs Élysées in Paris. Each cake is actually a small village, with little houses nestled together. When you purchase an ice cream cake, you can even receive a chocolate bridge, encouraging you (not that I need it) to connect multiple cakes together to create a little cityscape.


The cakes are constructed out of milk chocolate and packed with fudge and caramelized nuts. There are two different flavored houses- a caramel and nut cake with a milk chocolate frame, or an orange and dried fruit cake with a berry scented chocolate frame. Each rooftop is even dusted with ‘snow’, which is made out of white chocolate powder.

village07 christmas-ice-cream-cake-village-haagen-dazs-nendo-designboom-04

Now the two questions I have are 1) How do I get my butt to Paris for this and 2) after I get it, do I eat it or display it?

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