Thursday Twist: Fabrican Spray-On Clothing

Whoa!  Where does the time go nowadays?  How are we already halfway through the year?!  That’s just crazy talk.  Well, fortunately, since I failed at giving the usual style fix this past Sunday, I’m switching it up to Thursday this week.  Expect this to happen more frequently as summer is really keeping our schedules quite hectic.  Plus, we gotta keep you guys on your toes!  This week, we want to feature this pretty neat invention: Fabrican spray-on clothing.

Yes, you read correctly.  Inspired by silly string and fashion, Manel Torres designed a fabric spray called Fabrican.  The spray is comprised of fibers that adhere to each other as it sets on the surface.  The texture can vary depending on the type of fiber in the spray.  The clothing can even be washed and re-worn!  Or, even dissolved back down to its original fiber components to recreate the spray.

Fabrican Fashion Show

As pictured above, this opens a whole new set of rules for fashion design.  There are endless possibilities for creativity in dimension and form.  Beyond style, Fabrican also has other potential practical uses, including but not limited to medical bandaging.  Check it out!

*Images from Fabrican

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