STYLE // Easy Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial [Video]

So I know this is kind of random, but I’m really excited to share a hair tutorial with you! When it comes to making videos, I am really a total newb and have no idea where to start or how to make one, besides just pressing record on my iPhone. However, my friend Sarah is a total whiz at making videos and suggested we collaborate. I’m pretty camera shy but I thought it would be a fun thing to try, so I hope you enjoy it. Pardon all the awkward glances, welcome to “Nanette in real life.”

We chose a beach wave tutorial because a lot of people have asked me how I usually curl my hair, especially when I had long hair. I do want to preface this video by saying my process is a lot more high maintenance because I’ve had so much color done to my hair. I’ve written the steps below to help guide you, as well as what products are more for color treated hair. Enjoy!


→ Hair Wand: I use this Remington Curling Wand (such a great price!) and also really like this Hot Tools one.
Bumble and Bumble Does It All Styling Spray: I’ve used this for years. Holds your waves without making your hair ‘crunchy’
Rene Furterer Smoothing Fluid: Mainly to keep my ends from looking too fried
Rene Furterer Volumizing Foam: I’m obsessed with having volumized roots
Rene Furterer Straightening Gel: Also to keep my hair from looking too much like hay
Bumble and Bumble Texture: I’ve used both this and their surf spray and I like the texture more for creating the tousled, bedhead, rougher look
Pssssst Dry Shampoo: A great, affordable dry shampoo. I recommend spraying it into your roots before you go to sleep, give it a quick blow dry, and your hair will look super refreshed the next morning

1. Towel dry wet hair, and then add a dime sized amount volumizing foam at the roots of your hair. Keep in mind the Rene Furterer foam really expands, so only squirt out a small amount. Then, mix a dime sized amount of smoothing fluid and gel and run it through the ends to keep the flyaways down. If you don’t have super color treated hair, I would only add the volumizing foam. Then, blow dry. I do a rough blow dry to keep my hair looking more textured and not too shiny. I’m a night showerer too so then… off to bed!

2. Time to curl! Separate your hair into sections. The bigger the sections the looser the curl, but it’s also possible it might be too loose and just straighten out if you grab too big of a section. I usually divide my into three sections from top to bottom. Clip up the hair you’re not using.

3. Hold your wand at an angle and wrap your hair around the wand, keeping the ends loose. The most important part is to make sure that for the hair that’s framing your face, wrap it away from your face. Hold for about 10-15 seconds, then zig zag it up and down to loosen up the curl. Repeat all over your head. Usually I start changing up the angles of my wand and also will curl some hair towards my face. Just experiment and keep it looking a little more disordered to achieve that ‘natural’ affect. (The irony of that statement doesn’t escape me.)

4. As you complete each section, spritz with hairspray. For extra texture, spray dry shampoo at the roots and zhuzh it with your fingers. Then, rub a little bit of Bumble and Bumble Texture between your fingers and pull pieces of hair up, down, out, and around. This helps the waves look more Victoria’s Secret and less shirley temple. Spritz on a little more hairspray for good measure. One thing to note is that in the video, I spritz what seems like a lot of hairspray onto my hair because it’s a flexible hold hairspray. I wouldn’t do the same with firm hold or other hairsprays.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Anything else you’d be interested in seeing?


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