To Eat or Not to Eat

While usually the answer to this is a resounding “EAT YOU CRAZY FOOL”, I’ve been seeing some stunning food art that’s making me question the very nature of my existence. Real food, made into beautiful art. I’m not talking macaroni necklaces here people– but some really amazing stuff.

For example, these gorgeous ice cream roses.


Move over Coldstone, there’s a new slicing, dicing, ice cream shop in town. Using flat spatula-like tools, the staff at the Amorino ice cream shop create these impeccable gelato roses.


The fleeting nature of these ice cream roses make me ponder life and its existence. Fortunately, I would imagine the dripping of the ice cream down my hand will quickly snap me back to reality. The sad part of all this? These shops are located in Europe.

Meanwhile, back in our neck of the woods, there’s this artist named Beth Galton. She took food, and cut it in half. Which seems like not that big a deal, until you see this!

Mind. Blown.

Coffee and donuts have never looked so chic.

So people, whaddya say? To eat or not to eat?


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