Get Lucky at the Gauntlet Gallery


About a week ago, I attended the gallery opening on Gauntlet Gallery‘s new show Rediscover: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk and throughly enjoyed the show even though having to wait 45 minutes on a chilly SF night in the tenderloin to get in! The show comprises of 40 different artists and their interpretation of Daft Punk. There were some pieces that were ok but a lot of them were pretty amazing. There is a vast variety of styles in one show ranging from wooden sculptures to vinyl discs to traditional paintings. My favorite piece of the night is the diptych show above by Ruben Ireland – a very interesting interpretation of the infamous duo as 2 naked women in their iconic helmets with the addition of horns. The paintings are very engaging while holding to a monochromatic color palette. One of the best things of the show is that most of the artwork is available to purchase as an affordable print in the gallery and at their online store. A lot of the prints are only $40. The show will be going until June 15th. Gauntlet Gallery is located at 1040 Larkin St. and open 12-7pm Tuesday through Saturday. Below is just a few images from the show but be sure to go check it out!


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