Sunday Style: The Herschel Supply Co.

HerschelRunning out of your apartment but need something to throw your jacket into for the ever changing SF weather? The Herschel Supply Co. is your answer. They are a fairly young brand that started in 2009 but they are growing quickly.

The Herschel Supply Co. has a very wide array of styles and types of bags that is suitable for almost every man. I’m sure you have seen a lot of their backpacks on the streets lately but that’s not all that they offer. They have a solid collection of messenger bags, totes and hip packs. Most of their bags have a very classic look to them but with a modern user-friendly design. The bags have additional padding added for comfort without deviating from the classic looks of the bags and are constructed with high quality materials and attention to detail. The price is very affordable for the quality of material and design received. Their classic backpack will only cost you $40.


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