TRAVEL // A Visit to Paradise (Ridge Winery)

Nestled atop the rolling green hills of sunny Santa Rosa lays Paradise Ridge Winery. With its epic views, beautiful sculpture park, and of course, tasty wine, it’s definitely an ideal location for a weekend escape from harrowing city life.

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You may have seen snapshots of the winery before– it’s also known for its giant, Instagram-worthy LOVE sculpture.

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I was immediately smitten upon walking in. Every corner provides sweeping views of lush Santa Rosa and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.


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The winery has an indoor event space and a patio that lines the exterior. There is ample seating on the patio, and it’s perfect for enjoying some charcuterie and even board games! Nothing like a cooling breeze wafting in while you enjoy a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc.

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During the summer, they have live music and brick oven pizza on Friday and Saturday nights. It doesn’t get any more idyllic than this, really.

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After our wine tasting, we moved on to explore the sculpture park. It’s a windy little path that trails from the top of the winery to the bottom. It gets a little weedy, so I would advise against wearing heels when exploring!

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Paradise Ridge Winery
4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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