Sunday Style: Minty Fresh


My friend once said, “Want to make something look more professional? Throw a blazer on it!” We would always joke that no matter what top we wore, whether it be sheer or cropped, to make it more professional all you needed to do was “throw a blazer” on it. Though we had been joking, it still echoes in my mind to this day.


Since I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’m an adult and need to wear adult clothes, I’ve been slowly but surely investing in some great blazers. It is true– no matter what you’re wearing, it always adds a modern and stylish twist to any plain office attire.


Once I saw this mint one at Club Monaco, I fell instantly in love. I was tempted to get the same one in fuschia as well! Alas, I decided not to be too excessive and stuck with the mint. And look at those zippers. Zippers aren’t just for Hot Topic anymore, guys!


And seriously, how cool is this knit sweater by A.L.C.?! I like to say that it’s all business in the front, party in the back!


What’s crazy? The wind was blowing so hard that it literally straightened my hair. Note to self– when hair dryer breaks, just go outside and I’ll have an awesome blow dry in just a few minutes. Life Hack!

blazer // pants // sweater // shoes

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