Hike to Muir Woods + Overlook

Muir Woods National Monument is a beautiful and lush forest with hiking trails that ultimate lead to a scenic outlook spot. Initially, we expected a light walk through a woodsy trail, observing the lush surroundings and making our way to the Muir Beach Overlook — we were in for a surprise. We ended up getting lost and hiking uphill for a good 2+ miles before realizing we were getting hangry and tired. We met couple of other lost souls along the way and decided to head back down the trail to call it a day. The entire hiking trip probably took us around 4 hours and we headed straight to the Muir Beach Overlook in our car.

When we arrived at the overlook, it was very windy and foggy. I was slightly disappointed by the amount of fog covering the landscape but oddly, it created an eerie aura that captured nicely in photos. We patiently waited there for what seemed like an eternity for the overlook area to clear out so I can take some still photos without any tourists.









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