Playing Tourist In San Francisco At Fog Harbor Fish House

I’ll admit, I rarely ever venture out to Pier 39. It’s one of those things that “only tourists do, not locals.” However, there’s something to be said about playing tourist in your own city. After all, it’s a destination spot for a reason, right? With that in mind, I recently paid a visit to Fog Harbor Fish House, a cozy restaurant that overlooks the harbor at Pier 39. With a fantastic view and of course, delicious clam chowder, I knew it was definitely something I wanted to check off my San Francisco to-try list.

The view is truly incredible. Especially when you get to watch the sunset. We were lucky enough to sit right by the huge windows overlooking the water. Simply stunning!

We started off with the mussel fries and seasonal Dungeness crab and avocado Caesar salad.

And…. These appetizers tasted as good as they looked. The mussel fries came topped with a garlic aioli that was *really* garlicky, ie my favorite. The mussels were huge and meaty. The salad could’ve fed a family of five, it had so much crab in it! I almost needed more lettuce for the amount of toppings they put on it. The classic clam chowder was also rich and creamy, and full of clams. Not too many potatoes, which is my personal pet peeve.

We then moved on to the entrees, where we ordered a Cioppino and the Shellfish Platter, which consisted of a 1/2 crab, mussels, clams, shrimp and fingerling potatoes, oven roasted with butter, garlic and herbs. Sounded like *just* enough seafood, lol.

I tend to like a little more soupy Cioppino’s, where as this one was a bit more thick and saucey. I also appreciated that they have a “Lazy Cioppino”, where all the crab meat is cracked for you. I chose that version, haha. The roasted Shellfish platter is a seafood lover’s dream. Seafood roasted in butter? How can you beat that??

Lastly, dessert. Everything is made in house, and they bring out a tray of all the desserts so you can see the before choosing. Brilliant! We went with the tiramisu (a classic), and creme brulee. The rich tiramisu wasn’t too sweet, and had a nice bite from the rum. Definitely a must-try.

After you’re done at Fog Harbor Fish House, make sure to stop by and say hi to the sea lions, then pick up even MORE dessert at Ghiradelli Square!

Fog Harbor Fish House
Pier 39
San Francisco, CA 94133


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