14 Cute Winter Boots to Beat the Snow

Cute Winter Boots

I swear the weather gods must have heard me when I posted about winter being nonexistent in New York City. Because… the forecast suddenly started showing snow for the week and as you all know, we finally had our first snowfall. Ha… I may have just totally jynxed us. My bad. But, fear not! I have 14 cute winter boots to keep you stylin’ through the snowy season.

If you’re going to be battling some rough terrain, ice and heavy snow, I’d recommend going with these first seven.

Cute Winter Boots

  1. Cougar Derry Boots ($180): As they mention on their own site, “no one knows winter like Canadians”. This Canadian company is a pro at making winter boots to withstand the coldest of winters. The leather with plush lining will keep you warm even in -11°F weather! Not to mention, this is a great style to dress up or down.
  2. Sorel Slimpack II Lace Duck Boot ($145): Sorel is one of the most reputable brands for winter boots. Here’s their take on the classic duck boot, but replacing the typical ridges with stitching for a subdued look from the traditional duck boot.
  3. Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot ($169.95): Timberland has really been stepping up their game for stylish boots. Their lug soles will keep you from slipping on that ice. Pair it with some great wool socks and you’re set!
  4. UGG Cecile ($170): UGG has really been getting into the winter boot scene with a style for everyone. This is their own variation of the duck boot.
  5. Madewell x Sorel 1964 Premium Boots ($160): We love collaborations especially between two awesome brands! This pair will make you feel invincible through the snow, ice and puddles.
  6. Cougar Zag Bootie ($139.99): These bada$$ boots will keep your feet cozy and dry for many winters to come.
  7. Sorel Tivoli II Suede Boot ($129.95): Another casual take at the classic duck boot.If you’re looking for cute winter boots that aren’t as heavy duty as these ones above, here are some major cute finds to fit the city winter life.Cute Winter Boots
  8. Woolrich Women’s Rockies Winter Boot ($172.95):  Made for hiking outdoors, there will keep your feet nice and cozy as you’re trekking around in and out of the city.
  9. UGG Janney Waterproof Thinsulate Wedge Bootie ($189.95): Who said it’s impossible to look cute during winter? These wedges can be dressed up even in the coldest of winters.
  10. Kodiak Claire Waterproof Bootie ($164.95): Another Canadian company, Kodiak is another reputable brand for creating gear to outlast the harshest of winters. This boot is an awesome combination of fashion and function with a leather exterior, memory-foam insole and a low chunky heel. What’s not to love about it?
  11. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot ($150): Not going to lie, I have actually never bought a winter boots because I’ve been depending on my Hunter boots. I bought the socks and insoles to add insulation for the winters in NYC and so far, it’s worked out just fine! Although, these would not be ideal for hiking or outdoor activities.
  12. EMU Australia Pioneer Boot ($189.95): EMU Australia has really come out with an impressive selection of cute waterproof and winter boots this season. These boots are so cute that I wouldn’t even mind wearing them when the snowy season is over! It makes you wonder why no one else has thought to create more chelsea boot styles for winter.
  13. Clarks Swansea Ledge Waterproof Moto Boot ( $110.99): This stylish winter boot is a serious steal! It’s a great addition to any winter wardrobe. You can dress these up or down to go with any winter outfit!
  14. EMU Australia Tenzing Boot ($199.95): These casual winter boots are perfect for everyday wear to overcome the winter snow.

Let us know your thoughts on these cute winter boots. Can’t wait to snag one of these pairs to add to my closet! Can’t have too many shoes, right? 😛


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