Chromatic Coffee in San Jose

When you walk into Chromatic Coffee, you’re instantly greeted by the love of all things coffee. The walls are adorned with wooden panels, displaying the shop’s numerous variety of beans, merchandize, and brewing essentials. The baristas behind the counter will help you satisfy your daily dose of caffeine in just about any form you prefer, whether you’re looking for a straight-forward espresso or a refreshing cup of cold brew. Chromatic Coffee also offers unique options like the Radio Tonic made with soda water, Kakow with Tcho drinking chocolate, and other seasonal concoctions.

What makes this café extra special is that the ownership of much of the production process falls directly upon the six co-founders including the packaging and designing of the signature roast beans. Among the core group is the mastermind behind the in-house roasting techniques, Hiver van Geenhoven, a green buyer with close ties to the coffee growing communities in El Salvador and Kenya.

Chromatic Coffee also aims to bring local groups and artists together by providing a space for creators to share their music and artwork. The empty walls began to fill up with one-of-a-kind pieces by artists from all over the Bay Area and soon gave another meaningful life to the café. People were not only stopping by for coffee but also to discover the creative talents through purposeful events.











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