Montreal Travel Guide: The Bachelorette Edition

Hey there. I know it’s been awhile. I ended up taking an unintentional break from blogging recently. After doing so many things for so long, I found that I needed to just pause for a moment, and really soak in the moment. I needed some time to remember why I do it all. I paused. I barely picked up my camera. Instead of working on the weekends, I just relaxed. And boy, did it feel incredible. What was I so busy doing?

I got a new, exciting job.

I packed my bags and went on a spur-of-the-moment trip with someone I’ve never traveled with and it couldn’t have been better.

I taught an online course on photography.

I spent lots of necessary, quality time with A.

I spent time with old friends, and met new friends.

And, finally, I had my bachelorette party in MontrĂ©al. Thanks to my wonderful bridal party and closest friends, I spent five days doing all my favorite things with my favorite people. We ate, ate some more, went to cute places, shopped, and made memories. Though it took two months for me to make, I’m excited to share my vlog from Montreal. Every time I watch, it only brings back the best of memories. I hope all the fun we had translates just as well via video.

I’ll be sharing my favorite MontrĂ©al spots up next!

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