The rise of pop-up restaurants, an alternative dining experience

As if there weren’t enough restaurants in San Francisco, foodies are now looking to experience unique and creative dining events through platforms that connect local hosts with people like us. The rising popularity of pop-up dining experience is being bolstered by companies like EatWith and Feastly. It delivers an opportunity for local chefs and hobby cooks to elevate their trade and share their food with strangers around a communal table.

No two pop-up events are alike as the atmosphere and vibe are developed by the guests sitting around the table. You’re encouraged to come out of your shell and mingle with other diners while you wait for your next course to arrive. Sometimes, you can even get some hands-on experience cooking a part of your meal like a ramen noodle class.

You can totally seek out the experience you want whether it’s a cozy, family style meal with lots of food to go around (multiple times!) or a fancy multi-course dinner celebrating the source of inspriation. One of the best things about these pop-ups is that they introduce you to some of the most authentic meals you can try in the city. Many of the local chefs use recipes handed down by generations of cooking gurus in their families; a great experience worth noting would be Tracy and her Malaysian dishes.

Would you book a pop-up restaurant for your next night out? Let us know which one you’re most interested in.

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