Prepare yourself for some internet gold. ie, food & dogs.

Delicious food, and cute little wiener dogs. A few weeks ago, I went to Humphrey Slocombe with my brother dearest, and we took the pups for a stroll. And of course, since it’s fall, Humphrey Slocombe had their obligatory seasonal pumpkin flavor! It’s definitely hard to get– you can only get it Sundays, and once it’s gone that day, it’s gone. We tried to order a pint, and they don’t let you do that either!


We got the pumpkin sundae, with graham crackers and caramel sauce. I would recommend just getting the pumpkin ice cream plain– the caramel was so sweet that it overpowered the pumpkin flavor.


You can tell that I was pretty happy eating it.


And now… the dogs. This is Mack– Margaret’s dog. She adopted him from the shelter, and he’s pretty adorable. You can tell he’s also very photogenic.


This little bugger is Killer, my brother’s dog. He’s got a lot of personality, but he really grows on ya.



Can it get any better than sun, ice cream, and woman’s best friend?

Humphry Slocombe
2790A Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Mission District

City Notes: This is a great area for a walk– it’s close to the 24th St. Bart Station, and has plenty of eats and small little shops to check out, including Philz Coffee, Press Works on Paper, and Wise Sons Deli


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