A Guide to Building Your Timeless Jewelry Collection

Accessorizing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, you have to identify your personal style before you can start a high-quality collection of jewelry to mix and match. It’s easy to try all the different trends with picks from low-cost options that you eventually toss aside when they turn your neck and fingers green. I played around with a lot of different styles before honing in on what truly feels like me and investing in timeless, versatile pieces with quality.


I recently discovered Rocksbox and its mission to help identify your personal style with an experienced stylist to curate a small collection of jewelry to try every month. It’s hard finding time to browse online or shop when you have a busy schedule, the convenience of having someone who understands your taste and willing to hunt down the very best pieces is such a time-saver.

If you’re looking to build your jewelry collection this year, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always stick with the real stuff, buying a sterling silver ring for $50 is better than blowing your money on 10 rings that will turn your fingers green and blue
  • Consider the different ways you can style it, investing in versatile pieces is key, make sure that you can style the item with more than a few outfits
  • Let it reflect who you are, it’s important for your accessories to complement your personal style
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t limit yourself when it comes to design, try adding a new color scheme, material, or pattern

You can try the personalized service from Rocksbox for one month with our special code below at check out and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear about your picks!

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