One of the things I love most about San Francisco is how welcoming it is for local food artisans and makers. In 2009, Forage SF started an Underground Market, which was a gathering for local food vendors to share their food with the public. It was shut down eventually due to some city rules, and has now re-emerged as the Batch Made Market. Held monthly, it’s a place that “highlights the most creative small batch food being made in the Bay Area”. What’s even cooler is that there’s not just food, but there’s also workshops, games, and even a beer garden!

There’s a $5 admission fee, but you can go in and out all day.



You can see that there’s a large range of vendors, from cured meats to spices to spring rolls!



We ended up trying the pho rolls from Rice, Paper Scissors, empanadas, and a Prickly Pig Sandwich. Boy, was that sammie spicy! Whoo!


The empanadas were also a hit– wish I caught the name of the vendor!


The beer garden/truck! I’ve also seen this roaming around my neighborhood. Fortunately for us, it’s everywhere!


The market is partly supported by FourSquare, and thus, there are squares for a hearty game of four square.



Also saw Sugar Spun, which is handcrafted cotton candy with an intriguing twist. They had some super interesting flavors, including Li Hing Pineapple and Cookie Butter! Both were delicious and super unique.


It will be interesting to see how this market evolves as time passes. I picture walking around the market in the winter, holding a steaming mug of Irish coffee. Fingers crossed that this happens!

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