Happy Chocolate Milkshake Day! Here’s a Chocolate Milkshake Waffle Recipe.

Well, the headline says it all. It’s Chocolate Milkshake Day and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a new recipe. I recently got a new waffle maker and was excited to put it to the test. Thus, chocolate milkshake WAFFLES. Since I don’t like extremely sweet things, this waffle is made of bitter, rich chocolate that’s perfectly crisp at the edges and soft on the inside. Drizzle some whipped cream and maple syrup on it and voila! The perfect brunch recipe that’s decadent but not saccharine. Get the link to the Chocolate Waffle recipe (on Brit + Co) below!


ChocMilkshakeWaffle | Nanette Wong-8

ChocMilkshakeWaffle | Nanette Wong-10

ChocMilkshakeWaffle | Nanette Wong-16

ChocMilkshakeWaffle | Nanette Wong-12

Get the recipe here.

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