TRAVEL // Welcome to Miami Beach

You might’ve seen on Instagram that I was in Miami for the first time a few days ago, and for a bachelorette party no less! I wasn’t sure what to expect because I mostly hear about the crazy party scene and less about the culture of Miami. However when I arrived, I was immediately taken by the bright colors, Art Deco architecture, soft sandy beaches, and gorgeous skyline of this bustling city.

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Although we had a pretty packed bachelorette-y agenda, I managed to squeeze in a little bit of exploration in this lively city. We stayed in South Beach, known to be the entertainment, touristy area of Miami, which is fitting for a bachelorette party. Dozens of shops, restaurants and clubs were within walking distance, and we were literally two short blocks away from the water. It was super convenient, and would highly recommend it if you’re here for a festive trip like I was.

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Even the Gap had the signature bold color blocking and Art Deco architecture!

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During our food tour (more to come later), we were able to explore South Beach a little more, and even see the home of Gianni Versace (below).

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One of my favorite streets was Espanola Way. Walking down the quaint, cobblestoned street was like taking a step back in time.

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With striped overhangs, cozy little stores and al fresco dining, it felt like I was exploring a hidden alleyway in Europe, which I certainly didn’t expect in Miami.

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Welcome to Miam | ©Cultural Chromatics-2

Art is everywhere. When you look past all the Miami nightlife stereotypes, it’s amazing how much rich history and art this city has. Whether it’s a mural on the outdoor patio of a restaurant or a pop art painting in a swanky, upscale hotel, there’s something for everyone.

Welcome to Miam | ©Cultural Chromatics-6

And of course, the beach is definitely not like the beaches here in San Francisco. The sand is white, the water is blue and warm. The small details are what really struck me. Cabanas everywhere, and there’s even a little covered pathway making it easy for people to stroll out to the water, rather than trudging through the sand in their sandals. And there’s sunblock dispensers!!

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There’s bodies of all shapes and sizes, and I love how everyone flaunts it. Coming from windy and cold SF, where I literally carry a jacket everywhere I go, it’s refreshing to see people let it all out without a care in the world!

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*photos are a mix of iPhone and a Panasonic Lumix mirrorless SLR


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