EATS // A Decadent Brunch at Dinette in LA

I first spotted Dinette on Instagram (of course) and knew I had to go. Fortunately, I had to make a work trip to Los Angeles and managed to squeeze in a pit stop to Dinette. Settled on bustling Sunset Blvd, it’s a popular brunch destination in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Echo Park. The neighborhood reminded me a bit of San Francisco– everyone looked like they stepped out of an urban outfitters magazine, rode bicycles and enjoy craft beers. Felt right at home.

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Of course, what I failed to realize on Instagram was that Dinette is mainly a takeout window, with a few tables and chairs that line the sidewalk. Fortunately, we came right before the rush and was able to snag a table and a seat, thank god. How else was I going to photograph my food??

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Considering it’s takeout only, the menu was extensive. Lots of scrumptious pastries, Parisian-inspired sandwiches, pizza, and even pasta. We elected to go with a quiche, breakfast pizza, cardamom tea, coffee, and bacon egg waffle. If I wasn’t afraid of being judged by my coworker, I probably would’ve picked up a baguette sandwich and a dessert as well. Sigh.

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I’m really picky about my milk tea, and while the cardamom milk tea wasn’t my favorite, I enjoyed the hint of cardamom. Made me think of the holidays.

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It really does look as good as it tastes. Typically, I get a little weirded about by having syrup over my bacon and eggs, but it really worked in this case. The rich, umami essence of the bacon was softened by the lightly sweetened syrup. The edges of the waffle were perfectly crisp, while the inside was moist. And of course, you can’t go wrong with an egg on top of a pizza. You can see the edges were also lightly burnt, just the way I like it.

dinette | © cultural chromatics-12

Good god. It all just came together so beautifully.

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I actually liked that the egg wasn’t too poached. It was just cooked enough so I was able to enjoy it on my pizza, without it dripping all over the place.

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If you’re in the area, I would definitely suggest stopping by. Be prepared to be a little cramped and eat on the sidewalk, which adds to the charmingly low-key feel of the Dinette.

1608 1/2 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Must Try’s: bacon & poached egg waffle and breakfast pizza


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