EATS // The Fremont Diner in Sonoma, CA

Nestled in wine country is The Fremont Diner, the quaintest little slice of retro Americana I’ve seen in the Bay Area. With brightly colored picnic tables, rustic metal decor, this restaurant is comfort food at its finest.

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Decadent entrees such as onion rings, nachos, and chili are all on the menu, but they’re most famous for their Nashville Fried Chicken—” spicy fried chicken served w/ your choice of white bread & mac n’ cheese or waffle. So hot it’ll set a cheatin’ man straight.” I’ll admit, with a description like that I was a liiiitle hesitant to try it. However, the waitress assured me I wouldn’t die after eating it, so fried chicken it is! It also happened to be 90 degrees F when we went, so I paired it with a refreshing watermelon lemonade and a salad in attempts to balance out the heaviness of the fried chicken.  I have to say, I was a little surprised that it came out on the white bread, but the fried chicken lived up to its reputation. Spicy but not overwhelming, it was perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The sauce was unique and flavorful without making the chicken too soggy. Would highly recommend a visit!

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