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One thing you can’t deny about the Pacific Northwest is that they know their beer. Maybe it’s the lush nature surrounding the PNW or maybe it’s the abundance of local artisans that just really love beer. Everywhere you go in Seattle, there’s practically a brewery around the corner. Pretty much A’s idea of heaven. While I’m by no means a beer connoisseur, I have to say that trying all of the beers with A, has definitely sharpened my palate for beer. And Nitro beers have become my new favorite thing. They have the perfect amount of creaminess (especially the stouts) and reminds me of a perfect iced coffee.

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5 days, 6 breweries. I present to you… Our mini beer tour of Seattle. Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a sampling of a few that were on the top of this beer list. Most of the opinions here are A’s, mainly because I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to beer.

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Located right near the heart of University of Washington, Big Time Brewery & Alehouse has a bit of a college town feel. Both a brewery and restaurant, it has the typical dark wood interior reminiscent of a pub/brewery. The food looked like classic, hearty bar food and I wish I tried it. I personally liked the nitro stout. It had a good selection of their own brews (10-12) in addition to other local brews. They are most famous for their IPA, which was solid. In general, we only had a short amount of time here, but would love to come back and try more.

Afterwards, we headed to Brouwer’s Cafe. Although it’s not a brewery, it has a huge selection of local beers and really good food. I totally dig this space. The chill vibe and overall feel was just welcoming and… just… nice. The people were nice, the mussels were damn tasty, and it’s next to a chocolate factory! They also host a bunch of events which look to be very fun.

Redhook Brewery reminds me of BJ’s Restaurant in the Bay Area. It is a bigger brewery and meant to appeal to wider audience. As a result, the beer was a little more tame and more on the generic side. Nice, sports-bar kind of space. Food was generally pretty solid bar food. Would definitely recommend the nachos if you’re hungry.

Hidden in a nondescript business park, Black Raven Brewing Company is all beers and no food. We had two flights and some beers really stood out. It had a laidback, simple vibe with rustic wood tables and bar stools, perfect for enjoying your beer. Hungry? They are totally game for you to bring your own food, they even have takeout menus for you to order from!

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Reuben’s Brews was by far the favorite of the whole tour and we would definitely go back in a flash. The IPA and nitro stout (YEAH NITRO!) were both delicious. The only not so great part is that the place is super cramped (probably ’cause the beer is so good), and there’s not much room for sitting.

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Right around the corner from Reuben’s Brews is Stoup Brewing. While I loved the industrial garage feel of the space, the beer flights were pretty standard. However, if you’re not a super picky beer drinker, it’s a great place to hang out and enjoy good conversation. It doesn’t serve food, but we encountered a food truck parked right outside and enjoyed some rosemary garlic fries with our beer.

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Any favorite breweries not listed that we have to try?

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