Sunday Style: Up and Coming Brand – MISTER


Welcome to Sunday Style! Each week we will bring you a new fashion find! We hope it will give you different perspectives of looking at classic and new styles.

One up and coming brand that I am a big fan of is MISTER based right here in San Francisco. They interpret mens fashion in a simple yet innovative and modern way. One of the things I love about this company is their decision to manufacture mainly in San Francisco or within the USA but charge at an affordable price. Their collection expands from bracelets to raw denim to shoes, but one of my favorite things is their tshirts. The classic plain tshirt is reinvented by embellishing and ornamenting the sleeves and pockets. Their Mr. Independence tshirt ($38) is an awesome example of redefining a plain black tee by printing stars and stripes. Another great tshirt is their Mr. Pocket Tee ($32) where they recreated a plain grey tshirt with a simple seam across the chest and the addition of a simple patterned pocket. A lot of their collections are offered on their online store but some are exclusively in store. You can easily visit them in the heart of North Beach at 1500 Grant Ave (Academy of Commons). They are surrounded by a handful of small boutique shops and great restaurants within a 3 block radius. Follow them on Instagram @MisterSFC. 

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