A Proper Farewell to Winter in NYC

Winter, NYC

Spring is in the air, finally, after enduring the longest winter in NYC ever. Or… so it seems. At least, that’s what we say every April. Haha.

Though, as much as I love to bag on winter, there is an undeniable beauty to snow. Particularly, right before it turns into disgusting brown slush. With the changing of seasons in New York, I figure it would only be right to send winter off with a proper farewell. These past few months, I decided to weather the storm (quite literally) and make a real effort to capture the beauty of winter in NYC.

Winter, NYC Winter, NYC     Winter, NYC Winter, NYC Winter, NYC Winter, NYC

After braving the storm this year, I think I’ve truly earned my right to be a New Yorker. Though, it surprised me that so many people were still out and about at the same time.

Winter, NYCWinter, NYC Winter, NYC

All I have to say after this trek is… I’ve never been more grateful for a heater in my life. Haha. Winter in NYC is no joke.

Winter, NYC

Until next year… bye, Felicia!

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