Sunday Style: Kitchen Confidential

Ever since I started spending more time in the kitchen, I also began spending more money on my kitchen! People talk about endless shoe collections, but man, I’d like to build my fancy knife collection! With all the foodie gadgets out there, it’s hard to resist stocking my kitchen full of adorable knick knacks. I mean, a mango pitter may sound excessive, but when you’re eating a mango a day, it’s the most convenient thing in the world!

Recently, I discovered a new e-commerce store called FusionBrands, and well, I pretty much want everything. Modern, affordable, and convenient, what else can you ask for? Here are a few of the things from FusionBrand that are on my wish list.

1. CitrusPod ($10): A cutting board, citrus squeezer, and storage unit all in one! Boom.




2. PoachPod ($10): Nothing is more annoying than serving an ugly poached egg. This is definitely going to be an eggcellent investment.


3. FoodPod ($15): Have you ever gone fishing… in your stockpot? Fortunately for all of us, FusionBrand came up with this handy FoodPod, which holds your food for you while it’s being boiled. Brilliant!


What do you think need for your kitchen?

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