When I first moved to San Francisco, wide-eyed and eager to explore, I used to go to brunch every weekend. It would always be at peak brunch hour (11am-1pm), and  I would patiently wait with the rest of the masses for the hostess to call my name. “I neeeeed to have that dill toast from Dottie’s,” I’d think to myself, with the desperation and urgency that prevails only with youth. Nowadays, I can’t be bothered to wait more than 30 minutes to be seated, which already feels like an eternity. However, this past Saturday, I found myself at the new spot in Noe Valley, called Griddle Fresh. There were about 6 parties of 2 ahead of us, so I knew it was going to be awhile. It seemed to move quickly, so Jayson and I just decided to “sack up” and wait. To kill time, we took a stroll around the idyllic neighborhood which is Noe Valley.

I’ve only been here a few times, and mainly just to eat dinner. I was finally out in the day, and was excited to see this adorable little area. As we walked up and down the block, we stumbled upon a little gem of a consignment/vintage store called When Modern Was. I was immediately taken in by all the rustic, “shabby chic” home goods they had in here. From vintage jewelry holders to beautifully painted dressers, I really just wanted to buy the whole store. Time to go shopping!


I especially love these coral dresser knobs. You can transform any plain Ikea dresser with these– people will think you got it from Pottery Barn1


They had loads of crates, suitcases, and cute little knick knacks that I, well, neeeeeded to have at my apartment.


Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery so I could only snap a few pics. I guess I’ll just have to go back… ;).

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