My brother is an avid film photographer. A year or two ago, he got me a super easy-to-use, portable light camera in hopes that I would pick up the film bug too. I remember carrying it around and snapping some photos, but always thinking, “this probably isn’t going to turn out nice at all.” About half a roll through, I put it down and forgot about it. Recently, after brother got the camera back, he finished the roll and developed the film. To my surprise, the photos turned out a lot better than I thought. My surprise at the photos reminded me of my recent post about angst and self criticism and all that fun stuff. Just kind of reminded me to not think so lowly of myself.


However, after seeing the finished product, I am filled with a renewed desire to shoot film. I wonder if it’ll turn into a whole new obsession of its own. After all, it took me two tries to finally get into the photography bug. Years ago, it was also big brother who first took some film classes at our local community college, and there he shot and developed some of his own photos. I think it was then when his love for photography took root. Much like any younger sibling, I wanted to follow his footsteps. I ended up getting a great deal on a rebel xs (which was a super big deal for me at the time) and prepared myself to be an expert photographer. I took a few mediocre photos and then forgot about it. It sat in my closet, collecting dust for about 6 months.


Then came brother again, showing me his new lens, that “would go great with your dslr”, he said. We tried it and WOW did it completely change the quality of the photos. That’s when I started taking photos, for reals. And here I am now. Can you see why I have this lingering sense of deju vu? I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I continue to shoot film. I have vowed to start practicing more as well. With the move it’s been super difficult, but after watching this video about Cindy Loughridge, an SF-based photographer, I was inspired once again. Her dedication to her craft is admirable, and a good reminder that you can’t just expect talent to appear out of nowhere.


And here, some of the photos I took of Craftsman and Wolves. Very fitting that my film photos are of food.


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