Because I work at a corporate office, my usual weekday attire tends to be more on the conservative side. While I’d love to wear studs, Litas, and ripped denim shorts all day, it’s just ain’t gonna happen anytime soon (I don’t know why that just got so ghetto).


However, I do think that it challenges me to be more creative and think outside the box, even despite certain limitations.BB-BackDetail

Usually, it’s through accessories. During the brief heat wave that we experienced in San Francisco, I immediately whipped out this awesome, detailed blouse from a.l.c.. Since my top and trousers were relatively neutral, I added a punch of glam by stacking a bunch of gold necklaces. What I love most about the cut-outs on this blouse are that they’re strategically placed, so you can wear a bra and not have it peeking through.BB-Accessories


The best part of that day was being able to spend time with my friend Michelle. She just moved back from NY, and I’m practically foaming at the mouth with excitement. We go way back. Like, to the 90s. In fact, we used to run through the sprinklers in her front lawn together. Can’t get any cooler than that. Before these photos, we stuffed our faces with fried chicken sammies and strawberry shortcakes from Bakesale Betty’s. What an awesome afternoon.     BB-sandwich  BB-strawberryshortcake

top // pants // shoes // necklaces


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